Yourope in Progress, A Solo Exhibition by Yves Hayat at Palazzo Bonvicini, Venice


Installation view, Yourope in Progress, Palazzo Bonvicini, Venice

Installation view, Yourope in Progress, Palazzo Bonvicini, Venice

The solo exhibition ‘Yourope in Progress’, by Yves hayat will be open for visitors at Palazzo Bonvicini, Venice, till the end of August 2013. Exhibition curated by Ewald Statsny, features artist’s ‘Business must go on’ Series and Palestine Altarpiece.
PALAZZO BONVICINI, “Campo S.Maria Mater Domini”, Ca Bonvicini 2161, Venezia

Text by Celine Rougeron, May, 2012

What will archaeologists in another galaxy discover? Signs, logos… the same ones at all corners of the planet? 
 Major companies who now decide on our dreams, desires, tastes, have replaced the temples where our ancestors sought well-being and comfort. Yves Hayat confronts us with this reality, without judgment or proselytizing. 

These six artworks attest to it. From a distance, some people will distinguish a soft landscape punctuated by a touch of color. Getting closer, no need captions. We enter through these windows into a silent and lifeless world in ruins where only some indestructible buildings are spared. Perhaps you will hear the wind blowing away a piece of scrap metal or blowing the leaves of an olive tree. Even explosions seem suspended in air. There is an absolute peace and quiet, a mildness almost without complaints or diatribes.

 Globalization, standardization, sterilization… There are some well oiled machines that fail to recognize the crisis and resist to the chaos.

No message, just a visual and critical report without violence. It’s the strong demonstration of an artist’s work, who is as humble as his topic is direct.


Installation view. Yourope in Progress

Installation view. Yourope in Progress


Artist’s bio:
Yves Hayat was born in Egypt. He admits that he is more interested in manipulating the reality than in recording it. His artwork between photography, installation and ‘Figuration narrative’ proposes visions where theatricalization is a part of the project. He is a total visual consumer: he films, downloads, scans, retouches…. as the director of a new reality. Using superimpositions, shifts, misappropriations, he confronts past and present, beauty and horror, indifference and fanaticism. Using modern techniques, his work propose a report of what our history and our society have thought, generated, transformed, destroyed…

Represented by MARK HACHEM GALLERY Paris/Beirut/New York


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