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VOWELS by Rafaël

VOWELS // Rafaël // preview from Rafaël on Vimeo.


Inspired by Vowels, a poem by Arthur Rimbaud
Clothes by PartspARTs – F/W 2013
Model : Lee Jung-Hyun
Make-up artist : Lee Soo-Mi
Copyright © 2013 Rafaël


Text by Rafael

VOWELS is one of the results of my recent intrusion and exploration of new Korean fashion scene. It is a part of my new series, where I use the stereotypes, language, techniques and mediums linked to fashion world.

Inspired by Vowels, a poem by Arthur Rimbaud, I torment a young Korean model during a tiring photo shoot. The model follows the instructions and plays the game of a despotic director in a place where a strong dominance hierarchy is observed.

With subtle historical references and with poetic and emotional manipulations, VOWELS is a disturbing work that deliberately puts us in an uncomfortable position: the helpless voyeurs of an abused young girl. The atmosphere is stressful, but not too much, to not broken the thin line between fiction and documentary. The idea is to subvert the fashion clichés by questioning and opposing them.

In our view Rafaël is one of the European stars of narrative performance, always witty,
challenging, sensitive and engaging in a way unlike anyone else we’ve ever come across.
by Nlab @ the Tate Britain 2008


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