Star Gazers by Jennifer Georgescu

From the series ‘Star Gazers’, untitled # 18

From the series ‘Star Gazers’, untitled # 18


‘Star Gazers’ is a 1950’s science fiction themed tale that explores fate, free will, and human identity. While embracing nostalgia for a time when all knowledge was thought to be at our fingertips, this series reveals humanity’s longing to be special despite our insignificance in comparison to the universe. Presented in this fictional world characters are from the present, digitally combined with appropriated antique imagery, and scientific cellular imaging to represent a time when imaginations ran rampant and science fiction tales came true. By investigating ideas of the past and future, ‘Star Gazers’ expresses the human struggle through and against time.

Jennifer Georgescu’s photographs describe instinctual aspects of humanity correlating to and differing from societal structuring. With a background in painting and photographic arts, she utilizes medium format film photography, installation and digital technology. Her projects analyse dualisms in language, relationships, mythologies and control.


I often search for the balance that exists in between these dichotomies. This is how I view humanity; always teetering on the line between fiction and reality, domination and submissiveness, self and other.


Picture left: From the series ‘Star Gazers’, untitled #15 Picture right: From the series ‘Star Gazers’, untitled #3

Picture left: From the series ‘Star Gazers’, untitled #15
Picture right: From the series ‘Star Gazers’, untitled #3


Artist’s bio
After obtaining a BFA from Watkins College of Art and Design in 2008, Georgescu was awarded a year long residency at Vanderbilt University’s ‘Gallery F’. She has received numerous awards from Artist Portfolio Magazine, the Camera Obscura Journal of Literature and Photography and the Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Her works have recently been exhibited in the Masur Museum of Art, the Detroit Museum of New Art, and PhotoCenter NW.

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