Rehearsal III: We Are Still Here at RenArt Gallery

İnside_Outside by Dilek Öztürk 90x100 cm, 2009, Digital Print

İnside_Outside by Dilek Öztürk
90×100 cm, 2009, Digital Print


The exhibition Rehearsal III: We are still here will be open to the public from 19th September
RenArt Gallery
Vişnezade Mah. Hüsrev Gerede Cad. Seyhanlı Apt. No:39
Beşiktaş, İstanbul
Tel: (+90) 0212 241 38 90


Text by Sevil Dolmacı

The most important events of 2013 were the Gezi Park Protests. Gezi Park Resistance, was the most aggregate and democratic event which did not have the intention to destruct, but to claim rights. From gallery owners to artists, actors, businessmen etc… all kinds of people from all environments have supported this resistance.

#geziparkıdirenişi (Gezi Parkı Resistance) have spread out to crowds of people thanks to the effects of social media. The whole country started to move with the same voice and soul. This event have changed the definition of many matters such as democracy, rights, ideology, art, organizing together, religions, sectarians and resistance and caused people to question themselves of what they are. Since July, protests left their places to forums and meetings. In other words, the Resistance have evolved. #geziparkresistance has become a turning point for Turkey. It was all the same about art. The events and facts took place at Gezi Park Resistance were so strong that arguments were made with the idea of art changing its meaning after these events. The coincidence and spontaneousness, interactiveness, the idea that the work gains presence with the audience, aura concept in the texts which Nicolas Bourriaud published in 90’s to define what the contemporary art were already present in the #geziparkresistance. A process of internalisation was completed. Artist collective and independent initiatives stood out. Biennial with the theme: ‘Mom, Am I a Barbarian’ have created a disappointment even though it possessed a spot-on name and timing with the dates shortening up and the withdrawal from public spaces. Many exhibitions which will be organized in parallel with Biennial will absolutely possess a topic or a reference to #geziparkresistance.

Rehearsal III exhibition, will be opened on September 19, will have the starting point from #everywhereistaksim #everywhereisresistance. The artists who #occupied the gallery area will silently continue their resistance with their works. Artists will continue their silent resistance with their self-portraits or the portraits of their relatives.


Picture left: Sealing Can’t Hold Us by Hossein Edalatkhah, 155 x 100cm, 2012, Mixed Media on Canvas Picture right: A Hefty Album by Murathan Özbek, 100 x 150cm, 2012, Hahnemuhle FineArt Paper

Picture left: Sealing Can’t Hold Us by Hossein Edalatkhah, 155 x 100cm, 2012, Mixed Media on Canvas
Picture right: A Hefty Album_Could Not Carry by Murathan Özbek, 100 x 150cm, 2012, Hahnemuhle FineArt Paper


Murathan Özbek, Onur Fırat Fen, Hossein Edalatkhah, Yasin Atayılmaz, Banu Çolak Malloch, Buğra Erol, Dilek Öztürk and Luke Waller will take part in the exhibition with their works which are created by using different medias. Murathan Özbek’s serie ‘In’ which is formed of 12 works and with the 5 pictures of his relatives, we will see the #resistance’s five different state. English Artist Luke Waller who supports the #resistance, was in Istanbul during the time when the events took place and said #bendevarım (I am in as well) with his works and an installation of his portraits. Buğra Erol prepared a video focusing on the washing machine in Tarsus during the Gezi protests, Dilek Öztürk self-portraits in which she deciphers her body with x-rays from the inside-outside serie. Iranian artist Hossein Edalatkhah who accepts Penis as some kind of signature took part in the events with his disidentified skulls, Onur fırat Fen with a technical self-portrait of Banu Çolak Malloch from Dubia which appears as it has a pixellated canvas and Yasin Atayılmaz who is interested in sexual policies and pornography with #direnayol with his self portraits on which he painted himself and his environment on ceramic tiles.

#Gezi Parkı Resistance, with hashtags such as #bendevarım, #direnayol #nerdesinaşkım #baradayımaşkım etc… is awaiting for its visitors in the gallery.

*Rehearsal III is Sevil Dolmacı’s third exhibition within the parallel of Istanbul Biennial, starting from 2009.


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