Project LIVECT by Salvo Nostrato

MOTION BONES from Salvo Nostrato on Vimeo.


Text by Salvo Nostrato

LIVECT is an Interactive experimental project which tracks real-time body motion in space to recreate it into a digital form using motion-tracking devices. Written in Quartz Composer, Max 6 and openFrameworks, Livect [ver 2.0] is a new intuitive application that measures the depth of the body in order to create custom particle emitters and 3D meshes that virtually reconstruct the action.

The aim of the project is to create two experimental music/live performance videos from the recorded motion data of a real person. For this project I asked two dancers and choreographers to interpret two musical pieces – Matchless & Motion Bones – as closely as possible with the movement of their own bodies.

Both musical works are mainly composed using sounds of cracking bones, recorded from a contortionist’s body using six microphones in a 6.0 surround setup. However, the compositional techniques adopted in the musical pieces are widely different. The sound design of Matchless is contemporary and creates another world through the use of the cracking bones sounds and typical everyday background noise that has been heavily modified. It is a six minute 4.2 Dolby Surround composition, which provides a sense of movement within the sounds. Contrarily, Motion Bones is a three minute 2.0 stereo musical work. It has been composed under the direction of the choreographer/dancer in order to create an experimental deep-house track. Unlike Matchless, Motion Bones has a static tempo of 123 bmp, which gives the performer a different way to interpret the music with body movements.

The purpose through LIVECT is to investigate the combination of ‘Generative Design’ to live performances and the technology of Microsoft Kinect Sensor alongside 3D motion tracking. The latest version of LIVECT application is available as a tablet App giving wireless control of the LIVECT visual mixing and effects processing.

MATCHLESS from Salvo Nostrato on Vimeo.


Artist’s bio:
Italian by birth, but having studied extensively in the UK, Salvo Nostrato is an independent and ambitious individual driven by a passion for music, sound, visuals, and the interactive arts.
While few will be able to contemplate the complexities of the multiple methods of creation chosen by Nostrato, the end products are very pleasing indeed; the strength of each image found in its intricacy and the astute consideration given to its creative basis.
Visuals aside, Nostrato’s music production appears to be his greatest strength. Ambient electronic soundscapes, percolated so often by dub/reggae beats and jazz flair, tie much of his work together. A quick flick through the video based aspects of his work gives the best context for his music, providing an interesting yet not overbearing backdrop that drew attention far more than the videos themselves.
Salvo’s technical knowledge has allowed him to build his own high quality studio where he uses software for audio compositions such as Protools HD, Logic Pro 9 and multi-language / platform development such as Max/Msp Jitter 6, Xcode 4.6, Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Kinect, DMX in which he is highly proficient.


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