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Infecting The City Public Arts Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

  • ITC 2013, Moving News, photo Sydelle Willow Smith

ITC 2013, Moving News, photo Sydelle Willow Smith

ITC 2013, Moving News, photo Sydelle Willow Smith

The Africa Centre is calling for proposals for its Infecting The City Public Arts Festival that will be held from the 11th – 15th March 2014.

Infecting The City is a public arts festival that happens on the streets and various spaces of Cape Town, South Africa. The Festival provides an unusual opportunity for art, music, dance and performance to leave the confines of theatres and galleries and engage with or disrupt the daily activity on the streets and communal places of Cape Town’s Central Business District (CBD). The Festival’s programme challenges audiences, breaches boundaries, shifts perspectives and helps to make sense of the public spaces we occupy.

This call is looking for works from two categories: New Works and Restaged Works. Visual and performing artists and practitioners from other disciplines are invited to submit. The work can be a full ensemble piece, an intervention, a live performance, a visual art piece, an installation, a video, a happening, via social media, totally interactive or some other form newly imagined. All works should translate to or work within a public environment, and actively engage intentional and incidental audiences. For more details about the call, time frames and process visit the website;

The deadline for this submission is the 15th August 2013 at 17h00. The short list will be released in mid-September 2013.

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