We post new articles about once a week. Visual Artbeat prefers previously unpublished work, but will entertain submissions that have appeared elsewhere. Please let us know if your work was previously published elsewhere, and if we are required to notate that in our website. (Ex: “This essay first appeared in ABC Journal”)
We respond to selected contributors within 2 weeks.
Articles submitted need to be accompanied with a picture. Along with your submission please send us a brief bio in 3rd person.
Please remember to add a short description to each presented art work (title, year,technique etc.) If you like to use photos of exhibition installations please describe the year, the name of the venue and the title of the show.
At present there’s no monetary remuneration. But your article, your bio and your website address will be featured and a link to your website/blog will appear on our website.
Contributions to Visual Artbeat must be written in English. All texts (including footnotes, image credits, etc.) should be submitted in word format.
For submissions, please contact us on and enter “submission´´ on the subject line.
Medias; Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Experimental Video and Short Films, Light Art, Performing Arts, Digital Art, Installations..

We currently accept contributions in the following areas:
Reviews, essays, analyses of contemporary art issues written by both emerging and established writers and academics are all equally suitable.
Required documents;
Word limit for article: Max. 1500 words in word format
A brief bio for author (max. 250 words)
Related visual materials in jpg format (between 800kb -1mb) with picture credits
A profile picture for author in jpg (optional)
Full name and email address of author
A link to author website/blog

We leave the selection of topics for articles up to our contributors. Compelling, innovative, unique topics analysing contemporary art issues would be the best for our audience. For your topic suggestions please contact us on and enter “blogs´´ on the subject line.
Required documents;
A title to your article
Word limit for article: Max. 1500 words in word format
1-3 pics in jpg (1mb each) or a link to a video
Picture credits
Your biographical details to fill out your author profile (max. 20 sentences)
Your name, a link to your website/blog or social tools (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flikr, RSS, etc.)

“New Collections” section is designed to explore exciting new art works created during 2012, 2013. Our aim is to understand the future tendencies of art, intuitively, through your art. You may reveal here your unique work and talk about your inspirations and process.
Required informations for “New Collections” section;
Your statement about this specific art work and brief bio in English (min 300 words in total)
1 photo of the art work in jpg (between 800kb – 1mb)
Picture credits
Address of your website/blog

Reportages, new projects, forthcoming exhibitions, comments or critiques which are focused on recent artworks are all welcome. Recent work presentations are preferred instead of retrospective statements.

Projects may be created by individuals or groups. Even if your projects are; Notional/ Immaterialized/ Impossible to Materialize/ Nondisciplinary… Please contact us.

Visual Artbeat works with invitation based interviews only. If you would like to be interviewed and featured by Visual Artbeat, please forward some info about you/company/Institution with links. We will then review your website and your business and get back to you at our earliest convenience. If we are interested in interviewing/featuring your company, we will contact you and send you interview questions. Please be patient with response time.

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You will be required to guarantee the originality of the art works/images/articles you submit.
You are solely responsible to obtain the permission of use, of the texts, comments, written by other authors and artwork samples belong to other Artists.
Accepted submissions may be edited for clarity or to correct minor errors, but submissions which do not meet minimum standards for correct spelling and grammar will be rejected.
Visual Artbeat prefers previously unpublished work, but will entertain submissions that have appeared elsewhere.
Artists and authors are solely responsible for the content of articles submitted. Visual ARTBEAT accepts no responsibility for the contents and opinions expressed by the contributors. The magazine accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies in manuscripts or references. It is the author’s responsibility to notify the magazine of any potential conflicts of interest with respect to submitted articles and to acknowledge affiliation with any organization or entity mentioned in the text and/or financial interest in any subject matter, organization, or product discussed.
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